Students Grievance Redressal Cell

Growth and development expect mistakes and corrections. Forgiving and forgetting are essential for peaceful life in society. Hence the cell is entrusted to take responsibility to ensure the welfare of student community especially women. It also aims to settle their grievances with full justice.

Any kind of dispute, complaint or act of indiscipline, shall be reported first to the convener or tutor in charge, then to the HOD concerned. If justice is denied there, he/she can approach the principal. The decision of the principal is final at the college level.

Anti Ragging Cell

As per the orders of the Hon. Supreme court, an anti ragging squad is functioning in the college, aiming to prevent ragging, and a cognizable offence. The squad maintains vigil and undertakes patrolling within and around the campus. They must make surprise visit on hot spots and inspect potential areas of ragging. They will counsel students and staff against ragging.