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Shijina AS

Educational Qualification

  • M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil,


  • Teaching experience since 2014


Articles in Journals

  • Co Author of the article “Convergence of Indian Accounting Standard (AS) to IFRS” in the journal “Management Researcher”, Vol XX, No 1, July –Sep 2013

  • Co Author of the article “Corporate Financial Disclosure by Indian Companies: A study among Banking Sector Companies” in the journal “Southern Economist”, Volume 51, Number 22, March 15, 2013

  • Co Author of the article “Indian Stock Market- A study on Recent Development” in the journal “Review of Social Sciences”, Volume XIV, Number 2, July- December, 2013

  • Author of the article “Corporate Disclosure of Indian Companies: Evidence from Banking Sector” in the journal “Journal of Teacher, Learner and Society”, Special Issue, March 2015

  • Author of the article “ A study on the role of self help groups in microfinance with special reference to Thiruvananthapuram District” in the journal “ International Research Journal of Management and Commerce” Vol 3, Issue 4, April 2016

  • Author of the article “Internet Banking: An emerging trend in the banking industry” in the book “Financial sector reforms and the banking industry in India: Opportunities and Challenges”, Published by Department of Commerce, Universtiy of Kerala in 2012

  • Published a chapter “ Global financial crisis and its impact on financial disclosure” in the book “ Global Financial Crisis and Indian Business” Published by PG & Research Department of Commerce, S.T Hindu College, Nagercoil in 2013