The college is managed by the Jamiya Mannaniya Islamiya Charitable Society, a brain child of Dakshina Kerala Jamiyathul Ulema. The Jamiyathul Ulema was born of the strenuous efforts of a group of far sighted Ulemas to form an authentic association for Islamic Scholars of the Southern Kerala in the year 1955. Since then it has been spear heading the renaissance movement of the Muslim community in particular and the people of the state in general. Its headquarters is situated in the historic town of Kollam.
The year 1986 was a turning point in the history of Dakshina Kerala Jamiyathul Ulema. It was in this year that Jamiyathul Ulema gave birth to Jamiya Mannaniya Islamiya Charitable Society with the objective of uplifting both educationally and socially Muslims and other weaker sections of the society. Since then the society has been in the forefront in helping the poor and needy and also lending an arm of support to orphans, widows and destitute.

But the long cherished dream of the founding fathers of the Dakshina Kerala Jamiyathul Ulema and Mannaniya Charitable Society to enter into the main stream higher education sector of the State was realized only in 1995. The Mannaniya Society and its parent body Jamiyath became the first of its kind in India to establish an arts & science college. Thus the Jamiyath sets an example to the Islamic reform movement in India. The word Mannaniya is a synonym to the Almighty Allah and it denotes, Kind.


Director Board of Jamia Mannaniya Charitable Society

Chairman : Al-Haj, Thodiyoor Muhammad Kunj Moulavi

Secretary: Al-Haj, Kadakkal Abdul Azeez Moulavi

Treasurer: Al-Haj, Aliyarukunju moulavi


1. Al-Haj. V.M Moosa Moulavi

2. Al-Haj. Chelakkulam Abdul Moulavi

3. Al-Haj. A.K Umar Moulavi

4. Al-Haj. Y.M Haneefa Moulavi

5. Al-Haj. Moulavi Hasan Basari

6. Al-Haj. Easal Qasamy