• Computer Lab

The college has a well equipped and fully furnished computer lab. Around 40 computers and projector facilities are arranged in computer lab. Facilities like internet, e-mail, DTP are available in the center. The computer center offers an array of short and long term courses .

IT@Mannaniya is a computer package which makes the entire students of the college computer friendly. Short term courses handled by the experts in the IT field, are also offered as part of the package.

  • Science Lab

Our institution has physics and a chemistry lab to promote science teaching and learning. Both the laboratories are well equipped with modern instruments. Some of the instruments procured through UGC Fund and are made available to the students for their project work and practicals. Major instruments available in the institution are electronic balances, deionizer, digital conductivity meter, potentiometer, mechanical shaker etc.

  • Language Lab

A well equipped language lab supports study of languages. The students are also trained in phonetics, diction and also oral communication with the help of language lab. This is managed by the English department and is a common facility for students.